Haveeru Daily Basketball Player Award 2011
Saturday, January 21, 2012

Haveeru Daily Basketball Player Award 2011 [Saturday, January 21, 2012]

Mohamed Zilaal of Red Line Club was awarded the Haveeru Basketball Player of the Year for the second time. Mohamed Zilaal has achieved the Haveeru Basketball Player Award in 2008.  Ali Fazlee of Red Line Club became 2nd place and Zakariyya Abdul Latheef of T-Rex BC became 3rd place. Ahmed Afsan Rashad of Red Line Club and Ilyas Ibrahim of T-Rex BC are also the nominees.
Aminath Shiura of Customs Recreation Club was awarded the Womens Basketball Player of the Year for consecutive second time. Shiura achieved Womens Basketball Player Award in 2010. Aminath Haleem of Customs Recreation Club achieved the 2nd place and Zulaikha Ibrahim of Victory Sports Club achieved 3rd place. Husna Mohamed and Shizna Rasheed of Customs Recreation Club are also the nominees.
Haveeru Daily Under-21 Best Player Award 2011
Ismail Viladhan Yoosuf of Red Line Club achieved the Mens Under-21 Best Player Award. Ahmed Aushan and Ahmed Adhuham of T-Rex BC are also the nominees for Mens Under-21 Best Player Award.
Zulaikha Ibrahim of Victory Sports Club achieved the Womens Under-21 Best Player Award for consecutive second time. Zulaikha achieved Womens Under-21 Best Player Award in 2010. Aminath Nazra of D.Basketball Club and Aminath Samha of Victory Sports Club are also the nominees for Womens Under-21 Best Player Award.
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