19th MBA Championship " Women "
Wednesday, November 02, 2011

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Announcing of Best Players [Wednesday, November 02, 2011]
Husna Mohamed of D. Basketball Club was awarded the best player of the Final Match. The Best Five Players of the Tournament was awarded to Aminath Haleem of VYANSA, Husna Mohamed, Aminath Shiura and Hauma Ubaidulla of D. Basketball Club and Zulaikha Ibrahim of UN Friends.

D. Basketball Club achieved the CHAMPIONS [Tuesday, November 01, 2011]
D. Basketball Club beat VYANSA by 54 points to 32 points in the Womens Finals played today and became the champions for consecutive second time. The Best Player of the Final Match and the Best-5 Players of the Tournament will be announced tomorrow at the awarding ceremony after the Mens Finals.
FINALS "Women Division" [Monday, October 31, 2011]
The Match timings of Women Finals has been changed from 16:15 to 20:30. Therefore, D. Basketball Club and VYANSA will meet in Womens Finals on Tue, Nov 01, 2011 at 20:30.
TEAMS ADVANCED FOR FINALS [Saturday, October 29, 2011]
D. Basketball Club and VYANSA have advanced for the finals of Womens Division. However, at the end of the 1st Round, D. Basketball Club, VYANSA and UN Friends were tied with equal points. Therefore, Goal Average is considered for the final classification.
1. D.Basketball Club : 3 points [Scored 91/84 Against = Goal Average : 1.0833]
2. VYANSA : 3 points [Scored 76/72 Against = Goal Average : 1.0556]
3. UN Friends : 3 points [Scored 70/81 Against = Goal Average : 0.8642]
WOMEN DIVISION : UN Friends is leading on top with 3 points. However, if D. Basketball Club wins against VYANSA in the last group stage match tomorrow, UN Friends will be eliminated from 1st round. The only chance for UN Friends is D. Basketball Club to lose the match against VYANSA or D. Basketball club to win against VYANSA by the lowest score difference of 24 points.
The Tournament was exclusively sponsored by : State Trading Organization PLC "Fragata" & "Makita".

19th MBA Championship Postponed [Wednesday, October 12, 2011]
In connection with the success of the Senior Men and Women 3 on 3 National teams in the 1st South Asian Beach Games held in Hambantota - Sri Lanka, MBA has made a decision to postpone the upcoming 19th MBA Championship to Sunday, October 16, 2011 which was scheduled to commence on Saturday, October 15, 2011. After discussing with the participated teams, MBA has made the decision due to the fact that the 3 on 3 teams are scheduled to arrive Male' on Saturday, October 15, 2011 approximately at the same time of the 19th MBA Championship Opening Match.
The Revised Match Schedule of 19th MBA Championship is available in downloads
Draw Meeting of 19th MBA Championship [Wednesday, September 14, 2011]

As decided by the MBA Executive Committee, MBA has implemented the new system for the upcoming 19th MBA Championship 2011. In the new system the categories are only Men and Women Division instead of Mens Division-1, Mens Division-2 and Womens Division. With the new system, all MBA Active Member Clubs are eligible to take part in both Men and Women Division without any restrictions.
Womens Division (3 Teams) : D. Basketball Club, UN Friends and VYANSA.
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