19th MBA Championship 2011 " MEN "
Wednesday, November 02, 2011

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RED LINE CLUB "CHAMPIONS of MEN Division" [Wednesday, November 02, 2011]
Red Line club beat the defending Champions T-Rex BC by 93 points to 88 points in the MBA Championship MENS FINALS and became the CHAMPIONS of SENIOR MEN for the 1st time. Ahmed Najeel of Red Line Club was awarded the Best Player of the Final Match. The Best Five Players of the tournament was awarded to Ahmed Najeel, Mohamed Zilaal and Ahmed Afsan Rashad of Red Line Club and Zakariyya Abdul Latheef and Ilyas Ibrahim of T-Rex BC.
The Trophies, Medals and Certificates for the winners were distributed by by the Guest of Honor, Board Director of State Trading Organization PLC, Mr. Ahmed Arif. The Final Match was Shon on MNBC ONE.
FINALS "MEN Division" [Tuesday,November 01, 2011]
The Match timings of Men Finals has been changed from 16:15 to 20:30. Therefore, Red Line Club and T-Rex BC will meet in Mens Finals on Wed, November 02, 2011 at 20:30. Mens Finals will be shown LIVE on MNBC One.
RED LINE CLUB HAS ADVANCED TO FINALS "MEN Division" [Sunday, October 30, 2011]

Red Line Club beat D. Basketball Club by 92 points to 57 points in the first semi finals played today and advanced to the finals of Mens Division. Mohamed Zilaal of Red Line Club scored 32 points for his team was declared the best player of the match. T-Rex BC and Hurricane BC will meet in the second semi finals tomorrow at 20:30.
TEAMS ADVANCED FOR SEMI FINALS "MEN Division" [Friday, October 28, 2011]
Group-1 : Red Line Club has qualified to semi finals in Group-1 with 8 points. Red Line Club became 1st place by winning all 4 matches in the 1st round. Hurricane BC with 7 points is in the 2nd Place. Club Valencia, BG Sports Club and MS Helping Hand Sports Academy are eliminated.
Group-2 : T-Rex BC and D. Basketball has advanced to semi finals in Group-2. T-Rex BC is in 1st place in the group with 6 points and D. Basketball is in the 2nd place with 5 points. Victory SC and UN Friends are eliminated.
Semi Finals - 1 : Red Line Club [1st in Group-1] and D. Basketball [2nd in Group-2] will meet in the 1st Semi Final match on Sunday, October 30, 2011 at 20:30.
Semi Finals - 2 : T-Rex BC [1st in Group-2] and Hurricane BC [2nd in Group-1] will meet in the 2nd Semi Final match on Monday, October 31, 2011 at 20:30.
19th MBA Championship Started Today [Sunday, October 16, 2011]
Club Valencia beat BG Sports Club by 75 points to 37 points in the opening match of the 19th MBA Championship played today at Youth Center indoor hall. Hussain Ameen of Club Valencia scored 24 points for his team was declared as the best player of the match. Hurricane BC and Red line Club will meet tomorrow in the 2nd match of this group.
The tournament was inaugurated by the Guest of Honor, Board Director of State Trading Organization PLC, Mr. Ahmed Arif.
The Tournament was exclusively sponsored by : State Trading Organization PLC "Fragata" & "Makita".
19th MBA Championship Postponed [Wednesday, October 12, 2011]
In connection with the success of the Senior Men and Women 3 on 3 National teams in the 1st South Asian Beach Games held in Hambantota - Sri Lanka, MBA has made a decision to postpone the upcoming 19th MBA Championship to Sunday, October 16, 2011 which was scheduled to commence on Saturday, October 15, 2011. After discussing with the participated teams, MBA has made the decision due to the fact that the 3 on 3 teams are scheduled to arrive Male' on Saturday, October 15, 2011 approximately at the same time of the 19th MBA Championship Opening Match.
The Revised Match Schedule of 19th MBA Championship is available in downloads
Draw Meeting of 19th MBA Championship [Wednesday, September 14, 2011]
As decided by the MBA Executive Committee, MBA has implemented the new system for the upcoming 19th MBA Championship 2011. In the new system the categories are only Men and Women Division instead of Mens Division-1, Mens Division-2 and Womens Division. With the new system, all MBA Active Member Clubs are eligible to take part in both Men and Women Division without any restrictions.

Mens Divison (9 Teams)
Group-1 :
Hurricane BC, Red Line Club, Club Valencia,  BG Sports Club and MS Helping Hand Sports Academy.
Group-2 : Victory Sports Club, D. Basketball Club, Un Friends and T-Rex BC.

Hurricane BC and Red Line Club will play in the Opening Match on Saturday, October 15th, 2011 at 20:30 (Youth Center Indoor Hall).
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